Getting to Know Your Face

Studio portrait style photography can be extremely hard, but is extremely important to experience. It forces you to get to know the angles that work for you and the angles that don't. As a blogger, most of my shoots take place outside. There's always something to interact with! NaturallyΒ there'sΒ a lot going on, so the focus shifts from my face, to my surroundings. Overall, outdoors photography is a lot easier than studioΒ style photography. When you're in the studio, there typically isn't a lot going on and you become the center focus of the photograph. That means your face can easily become the focal point. Moreover, given the nature of beauty shots, your face is the focal point and it's game on.

This was by far the hardest shoot I've encountered while being a blogger. I learned the power of smizing and the importance of hand gestures and posture. Needless to say, modeling is not an easy gig. I encourage all bloggers to do at least one beauty shot. You'll learn a lot about modeling, and inevitably, you'll get to know your face.

Photo: Peter Greeno Photography


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