It Girl Hacks: The Perfect Resume

So of course, nothing is actually perfect. Like most things in this world, a perfect resume can be quite subjective. However, it’s easy to have a messy resume. Whenever I see resumes that aren’t aesthetically appealing, I instantly think the candidate is careless or lacks creativity. Harsh? I know. However, resumes are your ticket into the door.

Studies show that people spend five seconds scanning your resume. One mistake can be a bad first impression to the employer, and an easy way for your resume to end up in the trash. Β They should be well thought out, with zero mistakes!


Don’t fret. Resumes are easy with the right template. Download Rebbelle’s Resume Template below. Be sure to provide detailed bullet points of your current & past tasks, responsibilities, and accomplishments. I also suggest downloading apps. like Grammarly, to check for grammar mistakes.

Rebbelle Resume Template


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