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H&G Mentorship Program

Hedge Funds & Glam Mentorship program was created to challenge the status quo among millennial women working in the professional arena. There hasn't been a more prominent time to challenge and empower our future entrepenuaers, CEOs  and Trail Blazers. H&G focuses on building confidence and developing transferrable skills that can be used in and outside of the office.


More About The Program

We provide 1-on-1 training on resume building, interview practice and wardrobe styling (or outfit selection) for individuals looking for a thorough third party opinion. The purpose of Hedge Funds & Glam is to equip our clients with information, transferrable skills, confidence and style as they prepare to embark on new career journeys.

In an ever-changing marketplace, where the supply of human capital is vast and demand is stagnant, it can be hard to place a competitive job. In such a saturated market, it can be even harder to stand out from a stack of applications and resumes.

Resumes are critical. They are the ticket into the doorway. One typo could reserve your not-so-thought-out resume into HR's trash can. Interviews are vital. It's your moment to shine and can be quit easy to screw up. And finally, a common over looked faux pas in the interview process is outfit selection. Not only do you need to speak the part, you also need to look the part.

At H&G Mentorship we cover all three of these topics in depth, with 1-on-1 training, around the clock mentoring, Skype sessions, exercises and more. Join H&G today by filling out the survey below!

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